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NRI Times

voice & vision of Indians at home & abroad

The magazine boom, which took the country by storm in the late '70s and the early '80s, petered out in the face of the dramatic expansion of the medium of television. It is time for the specialised journals to take over. The birth of the specialised journals has coin cided with the political and economic renaissance which the 1984 general election heralded in the country. In media and corporate circles, these two events came to be known as the Second Coming. We are a part of the Second Coming.

The Non Resident Indians (NRIs) are often struck by pangs of homesickness & are keen to know what is happening back in the corporate & political circles here. The Government of India has of late embarked on a path-breaking course of economy by liberalising many key sectors. It has announced wide-ranging con cessions to businessmen & simplified procedures to attract foreign capital vested in the hands of NRIs. True, the "single window" facility may still have gaps which need to be filled. NRI Times proposes to do exactly that, a little more here & there & ofcourse with a difference.

Our slickly - packaged fortnighly newsletter will eschew all kinds of 'isms.' We do not propose to promote any particular lobby or be a propagandist vehicle for any ideological thought. We are here to desseminate the much needed information, promote tne NRI culture without compromising on truth and we will present facts in the right perspective and in a manner which is con structive and- unbiased.

In short, NRI Times will present information on a wide ranging subjects directly of interest to the business community particularly to the NRIs and will highlight collective problems, prospects & polities of the business world.

Naturally, NRI Times will reach a wide spectrum of readers throughout the country and most Indian families abroad including industrial houses, diplomatic missions,' trade development authorities, chambers of commerce and distinguished personalities in trade commerce, industry, politics and other professions.

This medium is, therefore, of considerable value to the advertisers as they can reach far and wide with, an insertion in this publication.


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